Affordable turnkey solution for companies

With more than 200 installations during past 3 years, the Box concept has successfully utilized video mapping, advanced soundscapes, and scent- marketing techniques in various tourism and hospitality locations.

The Box concept allows

  • Captivating storytelling with 360 degree High-Definition projection of images, computer graphics and videos.
  • Immersion to narrative storyline through multisensory stimuli.
  • Gesture based interaction with the content.
  • Standalone operation without technical maintenance.

The Box concept offers the partner companies

  • Modification of existing audio-visual material (video, images, computer graphics, sounds) into immersive 360 format to fit into the Box.
  • Bespoke multimedia, and video production for the Box environment.
  • Maintenance, and required updates throughout the event.
  • Reasonably priced and stress-free approach to promote your products, services and company heritage at any commercial environment.