Managing Multisensory Hospitality, Tourism and Experience Spaces of the Future EUROCHRIE 2015

Managers, by overlooking the sensory experiences, are missing great opportunities to develop new and strong emotional associations with their customers. Emotional new service development is about creation of sensorial experiences and designs that make the consumer experience the services, and most of all designs that make the consumer buy the services. Conceptual in nature, this paper presents a review of theoretically relevant work from marketing, branding, interior design and consumer psychology, demonstrating how consumers perceive, as opposed to actually experiencing a service, as image through the human senses. The article discusses how to connect with customers mind through differentiating and expressing a service in multi-modal manner. The authors then propose a conceptual framework for the future research, and the management of a service and a service space, and how the concepts like haptic feedback and involvement-immersion should be absorbed in the future management.

Tuominen_Heikkinen_2014_Managing Multisensory Hospitality, Tourism and Experience Spaces of the Future

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