From postmodern wellness tourism towards transmodernity. Interpretations and predictions of the Finnish well-being tourist. EuroCHRIE 2016, Budapest

This article focuses on describing, interpreting and predicting the change of Finnish wellness tourism from postmodernity towards transmodern wellbeing industry. By the transmodern wellbeing tourism industry, we are referring to the post-fordist, ecologic and ethical sustainable concept. The key objective of this article is to depict the postmodern wellness industry and wellness services in Finland and make a concept description of transmodern wellbeing traveler. Using action research of Finnish wellness companies, We are describing and interpreting in succinct form the change from postmodernity towards transmodernity in Finnish well-being tourism. Analyzing wellness tourism researches and using deconstructive and reconstructive writing, We will deconstruct a descriptive, interpretative and phenomenological sketch of the Finnish postmodern wellness tourist and reconstruct transmodern selfness tourist. The findings from this deconstructive and reconstructive writing show that the Finnish strategic and operational service landscape will be change towards transmodern wellbeing industry.


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